The weekend of 1,000 appetizers

Congratulations to Dutch for winning the 2012 Hoboken tournament. King of the appetizers. We witnessed a new pig in a first timer from Homer aka H.P.F. The pig nose was not given to Homer because we would never see it again. The nose was placed in Blaines bag. hahahahahaha. We will see you very soon in WVU. For the time being start practicing harder because Dutch has now won 16 games in a row in the past 2 tournaments. How do you stop Dutch? Is there a way or is it fate for him to run the table for the rest of our lives? Good fight, Good night.


Its Finally Here

The day is upon us: The first tournament day of the PPL. The first caravan including Dutch and Hawkins is presently en route to WVU to rendezvous with Mac. Later this afternoon Blaine and Dillion will arrive with the PPL Summit to occur shortly after. Following the PPL Summit the opening events will get underway and the games will begin for the first Mister title of the tournament. The day that felt like it would never come is here as the PPL is officially launched.

Old Standards and New Beginnings

In just a day and a half the team will be assembled in WVU. Pong will be played, a king will be crowned, and a pig will enter the pen. Before any of this happens though the first ever PPL Summit will occur. Official rules and formats will be discussed, voted on, written, and archived. It will be just one more step towards making the PPL a force to be reckoned with.

It begins…

Welcome to the home of The Predator Pong League. Here you’ll find bios, news, results, scouting reports, and all the information you’ll need to keep up to date with the PPL. Be on the look out for updates about the team, past results, and the outcome of the upcoming WVU trip. Will you make it to the chopper?